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Bulb Compact Set Of 6 Eichholtz

Toote kood: 108219
Kohaletoimetamine: 4-8 weeks


gold antique | goldline filament
Hind:  102.00 €
Korraga saab tellida vähemalt:2



Wattage: 40 W
Voltage: 200-240 V
Lumen: 170 Lm
Lamp holder: E27
Life in hours: 3000 H

Size Ø * Length mm: 45*135 mm
Finish: Gold
Color temperature: 2700 K
Dimmable on specific dimmer: Yes
Instant full light: Yes
Mercury content: None
Lamp power factor: 100%
Color Rendering: 100%
Number of switching cycles
before premature lamp failure : 4000
Lumen maintenance factor at end of nominal life: 80%

For project lighting only | not for domestic use