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Bombay Salon Table, White Authentic Models

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117,5 x 68,5 x 45 cm
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The Handbook for Travelers in India, Burma and Ceylon Edition 1874, carries extensive instructions for the minimum amount of clothing, weapons, tents and food needed for an extended voyage in the tropics. Boxes, trunks and chests were packed and hauled on exploration, hunting, or military expeditions that traversed mountains and deserts. Documents and libraries, games and tables, folding chairs and exquisite foods from purveyors to the Queen were taken along. The design and manufacture of furniture fitting all these conditions and ways of travel was both an art and a science. In the rich tradition of 19th C. Army & Navy furniture makers; supplying all corners of the Empire. A coffee table on a stand that knocks-down for easy transport and storage. Eight drawers allow for storage of books, mail, keys, and ephemera. Always practical, decorative, and never boring.