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DECODE is your personal guide to the world of design. We are here to help you to find those special things that really resonate with your sense of style and beauty. Our years of experience have taught us how to offer you the specials pearls that are just right for you, no matter what your taste is. We make an extra effort to learn your preferences, to really know you. We have special programs for our club members, architects, agents, restaurants, hotels and so on.

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Best price guarantee

We will do everything to help you. This is not just something we say. To show our dedication we will not only offer you the things you are looking for, but for selected items we will guarantee the best possible price. Look for this sign in our shop and if you can find a better price for the same original item, we will refund the difference. This is our way to show how much we care about you.

Decode online shop guarantees best price for selected items for 30 days after purchase compared to other online shops. If another online shop offers a better price we will refund the difference. To claim the refund please send Decode online shop invoice and the competitors offer to We will refund in 5 working days.

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Club members

We take extra care of our Club Members. We make an effort to know your preferences, to know what you really like. Based on your personal profile we will anticipate your needs and offer things that you will like.

Of course you will be able to enjoy our special prices and best offers. And not only – every purchase will grant you bonus points. Those points can be used to redeem various free gifts and items. But to experience the full benefits of our Club Members you must try it yourself.

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