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Folding Fun Fest Nautigami Authentic Models

Toote kood: MS062
Kohaletoimetamine: 4-8 weeks


16,3 x 16,3 x 2,5 cm
Hind:  16.00 €
Korraga saab tellida vähemalt:6

Browsing an antiquarian store years ago in Amsterdam I came across a bundle of paper cuttings. In a flashback I was standing next to my grandma, barely reaching up to her knees, watching her using scissors and seemingly cutting randomly into a folded piece of paper. Then the magic moment of wonder and surprise of slow unfolding… a lace pattern, rosettes… windows… flowers… swirls and stories. Folding paper is easier to learn, and offers the same kind of surprise and excited satisfaction of accomplishment. Colored papers folded and twisted turn into fish, shells and classic boats. Nautigami; a wonderful addition to our collection of fun craft boxes.