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Terms and conditions for receiving and using the membership of the CLUB DECODE (CLUB MEMBERS DECODE)

Club DECODE (Club Members DECODE) is the marketing advertising campaign.
This campaign is addressed to the certain group of people, aimed to promote the DECODE trademark and to attract new customers for the online store.

The member of the Club DECODE (Club Members DECODE) can become any person upon completion of 18 years of age.

The membership of the Club DECODE (Club members DECODE) is indefinite.

Joining the Club and the membership in the Club is free of charge.

The membership in the Club DECODE (Club members DECODE) gives the right to receive:

  • certain discounts for the goods and services from the DECODE brand view here;
  • certain goods labelled with the special sign - BEST PRICE GUARANTEE view here;
  • certain discounts for the goods and services from the DECODE and from partners of the DECODE view here;
  • for the free participation in special events organized for members of the Club DECODE (Club members DECODE) view here;
  • some information regarding special promotions that take place in the DECODE Online Shop view here;
  • you can shop quicker and always know the current order status, as well as, you can keep track of the orders made in the past.

The list of benefits offered by the Club DECODE (Club members DECODE) to their members has been constantly updated and the updated information can always be forwarded to you, if you send a request to the following e-mail address:,
or you call the Customer Service of the DECODE:
in Lithuania +37061931037;
in Estonia + 372 50 88884.

The account of the CLUB MEMBERS DECODE is accumulative.

To participate in the advertising campaign, the CLUB MEMBERS DECODE, legal entities and their representatives shall not be allowed.
You may ask for details regarding the availability of the Corporate Loyalty Programme:

  • in the Online Shop, within the Section PRESS, ARCHITECT & COMMERCE for the BUSINESS PARTNERS;
  • in the Corporate Services Department, contacting the customer service via e-mail:;
  • by calling to the Customer Service of the DECODE:
    in Lithuania +37061931037;
    in Estonia + 372 50 88884.

The Consent for Processing the Personal Data

The DECODE Online Shop shall take all reasonable measures to protect personal data of the Club Members DECODE. The subject of personal data shall give permission for the processing (collection, classification, accumulation, storage, refinement), including the use of automatic storage devices, transfer to the third parties for the purpose of storage, systematization, depersonalization and destruction of personal data referred to, in these Terms and Conditions, in order to analyze the customer’s behavior and to improve the quality of goods available in the DECODE Online Shop and services, as well as, providing for the subject of personal data, information of the commercial and informative nature (including information on special offers and promotions) through various communication channels, including mail, text, electronic mail, telephone, if the subject of personal data, during completing the application, expresses wish to receive such information by appropriate means of communication. Moreover, DECODE Online Shop shall reserve the right to choose channels for transfer of such information.

Besides DECODE Online Shop the access to the personal data of cardholders is available for:

  • holders themselves – in the part of questionnaire identifying their personal information;
  • individuals engaged in the support of the Internet Services for DECODE Online Shop in the scope that is required for providing such support;
  • organizations which are part of the group of companies DECODE;
  • other individuals that have statutory rights and responsibilities to access certain information under the laws of Estonia/Lithuania.

DECODE Online Shop guarantees compliance with following rights of the subject of personal data:

  • The right to receive information regarding that what sort of personal data of the subject is stored in the DECODE Online Shop;
  • The right to delete, update or correct personal data stored in the DECODE Online Shop;
  • Other rights established by the current legislation of Estonia/Lithuania.

The consent of the personal data subject for the personal data processing, expressed in these Terms and Conditions, shall be valid indefinitely and can be withdrawn at any time by the personal data subject by means of the written request made by electronic mail:

DECODE shall immediately stop processing personal data following the receipt of subject’s request.
Deleting the personal data revokes advantages given by the membership in the Club DECODE (Club members DECODE).

DECODE has the right to unilaterally terminate the membership in the Club DECODE (Club Members DECODE.).

DECODE Online Shop reserves the right to terminate or suspend the membership in the Club DECODE (Club Members DECODE) due to the violation of these Terms, including, but not exclusively, due to providing invalid or inaccurate information about themselves; due to the fact of not using their membership (less than once a year), as well as, due to abusing benefits of the membership in the Club DECODE (Club Members DECODE).

DECODE Online Store reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without prior notification of members of the Club DECODE, under the condition that such changes are not of a commercial nature.

DECODE Online Shop is not responsible for the mail services performance or communication service providers in regards to the timing and quality of the information provided.

DECODE Online Shop is also not responsible in case the member of the Club DECODE, the personal data subject has not notified DECODE on the change of personal details in a timely manner (including the contact details).

By registering to the Website DECODE Online Shop, Users of the Website agree with the Terms and Conditions of the DECODE Online Shop

Individuals that do not agree with the Terms of Website Use and Conditions of Receiving and Using the Membership of the Club DECODE (CLUB MEMBERS DECODE), or are dissatisfied with the DECODE’s Company Policy on processing personal data, must not use or register to the Website DECODE Online Shop

Intellectual Property Rights

All results of intellectual activity and intellectual property posted on the Website, including design elements, designs, drawings, layouts, graphics (including illustrations), photographic works and works produced by methods similar to photography, text, audiovisual works, computer software, which are part of the Website DECODE Online Shop, musical compositions, with or without words, and other works, as well as, trademarks and industrial designs, are protected under the laws of Estonia/ Lithuania, also are protected in accordance with international agreements involving Estonia/ Lithuania.

The Company DECODE OÜ (registration code: 11182978) is the legal owner of the website of the DECODE Online Shop as a joint publication.
The website DECODE Online Shop cannot be used (including copying, publishing, reproducing, processing, distribution, sale or using any other way), partly or fully, without the consent of the copyright holders


Personal Data

General Terms and Conditions

In order to use particular sections and features of the Website DECODE Online Shop (e.g. to sing up for the Account via the Website, to publish information on the Website, as well as, to participate in discussions and to interact with other Users of the Website), personal details of Users of the Website must be provided (“the Personal Data”).

The DECODE Company shall take all the necessary measures to protect the Personal Data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

The Personal Data specified by the User during the signing up for the Account on the Website shall be stored in the Personal Data Information Management System of the Company.